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How to Select a Perfect Wedding Venue

How To Select A Perfect Wedding Venue For Your Wedding?

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, where different types of people live with different backgrounds and traditions. Wedding ceremony’s preparations are common in almost all types of people of Karachi.  All the wedding ceremonies are held at any specific separate venue, such as it could be a marriage lawn, marriage garden, wedding hall, hotel, banquet hall etc.

The responsibility of arranging and organizing wedding day is on the bride’s family and everything supposed to be flawless at any cost. Selecting a suitable wedding venue is a critical task. That’s because in this kind of stressing situation, when you have to do everything without a single mistake, little mistakes are inevitable and knowingly or unknowingly they can happen by you. To avoid these small mistakes you should be extra careful. You should consider following features to select a perfect wedding.

Type of Wedding Venue

First of all, decide what type of wedding venue you would like to book for your wedding. You can make selection of the type of wedding venue according to certain factors, such as season in which your wedding will take place, cost, accessibility etc. There are a variety of wedding venues in Karachi because majority of people like celebrating their weddings at big venues, these are,

  • Marriage Lawns & Gardens (Large & Open Air)
  • Marriage Halls (Large & Indoor)
  • Hotels (Both Open Air & Indoor)
  • Banquet (Large & Indoor)

Location of Wedding Venue

Always try to book a wedding venue that is located close to your house and you can conveniently get access to it. This is for safety reason and for convenient accessibility. If you think that safety and quick accessibility is not an issue for you, then you can make reservation at any wedding venue that you like.

Capacity of Wedding Venue

This is one of the most important things that you should consider while booking your wedding venue. Make sure that the capacity of wedding venue is greater than the number of guests you’ve invited.

Tip: Always try to book extra seats and tables to accommodate extra guests. Such as, if you have invited 50 guests, then make sure you have booked seats for 75 guests.

Services Quality

This is another important point that you should check before booking your wedding venue. The best practice to check the service quality of your wedding venue is to take a tour of any function that is held at the same venue before your wedding.

Safety & Security

Make sure that the administration of wedding venue that you are going to book ensures you the safety and security of your guests and objects.

Administration & Support System

Make sure that the administration of your wedding venue is cooperative and their support system is fast and efficient.

Wedding Venue Cost

Before booking your wedding, search the market and check the packages that different wedding venues are offering to you. Sophisticated people don’t take this point into consideration, as they are only care about their name and prestige, and they like holding their wedding functions at sophisticated venues that charge higher amounts. If you are on strict budget, then you should search the market. Check if the two venues are offering the same services on different prices, such as one is offering the same services on higher price than other, then go for the lower price. You can also negotiate with the manager about total cost of the wedding venue.

Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation Card Tips

Invitation card is one of the most important elements in the preparations of wedding. Wedding card is the first thing that you present to your guests to convince them about attending your wedding ceremony.  It is very important to get impressive wedding cad printed for your wedding ceremony. That’s because people judge your efforts that you made for your wedding preparations and an impressive wedding invitation will set the real tone of your wedding in people’s minds.

How to Select a Wedding Invitation Card?

First of all, find a printing press that can print your card within appropriate limit of time on reasonable price. You can go all these printing press shops and ask them to show you wedding card samples. Select any sample card that matches your requirement. Make selection of your wedding card invitation n the basis of these features:

  • Color
  • Content
  • Design
  • Material
  • Cost

Note: You can change, argue, and replace any of above mentioned features according to your taste and choice.

Types of Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards are available in great variety. There are simple cards from fancy cards. Select the color of your wedding invitation card according to your choice, generally in Pakistani, red color and other shades of red color are considered as the symbol of wedding. So you can select red colored card. Other popular colors for wedding card invitation are maroon, purple, navy blue, golden, silver etc. Designing of invitation cards hold great importance and it makes a card either a simple or a fancy one. Likewise, wedding cards of different materials are also in business, such as velvet, paper, card paper, net etc.

Write an Impressive & Correct Content on Your Wedding Card

It is the most important thing while you go for printing your invitation cards. Make sure that you have used the correct words, information, such as time & date of your wedding occasion etc. You can include the name of the person who is supervising your wedding. These points must be included in your wedding card information:

  • Your Exact Wedding Date
  • Your Exact Wedding Ceremony Time
  • Venue of Your Wedding
  • Name and Contact Info of the person who is in charge of your Wedding

Design Your Own Card

You can design your wedding card by yourself, but for this purpose you’ll have to carry out little work. It is not recommended to do so, because majority of printing press shops will not agree to design your card according to your choice. If any one of them agrees then there is no surety they will design your card according to your imaginations. Moreover, it can cost you more than the normal price and collecting material for designing your card will be time consuming, as well. For designing your own card, make sure that you have a lot of time in which you can find a reliable printing press.

Cost of Wedding Invitation Card

Normally in Karachi, a wide range wedding invitation cards is available that ranges from PKR 15 to PKR 40. The cost of wedding card depends on the material that it is made up of and designing of card.

Quantity of your Wedding Invitation Cards

Always make few extra prints of your invitation cards, so that if during naming any card gets damaged due to writing or other mistakes, then you’ll discard it and use one of the extra prints. Furthermore, sometimes customer doesn’t need to make extra prints, because the printing press provides complementary invitation cards on to their customers if they order a certain quantity of cards.

Where To Get Your Wedding Cards Printed?

In Karachi, the main market from where you can make your wedding invitation cards print, is Pakistan Chowk. You will find a number of shops that will print your cards according to your choice on reasonable prices.

When You Should Make The Print of Your Wedding Card Invitation?

You should make the print of your wedding card invitation at least 20 days before your wedding day. This is very important step because you have to distribute all your cards before at least 4 days from your wedding day. Make sure that you have ordered your wedding cards on time to save you from last minute problems of distributing your cards.

When You Should Distribute Your Wedding Card Invitation?

Try to distribute your wedding card invitation at least 10 days before your wedding day.

Tips for Wedding Shopping

Tips For Wedding Shopping

Wedding is off course the most important day of everyone’s live and majority of people spend a lot of money to make their wedding day unforgettable.  Wedding celebrations involve a lot of shopping and you should be able to manage and control your wedding expenses. Following are some useful tips about wedding shopping by which you would become able to control and manage your wedding shopping.

  • First of all prepare a complete list of items that you have to purchase for wedding.
  • Split all listed items into sub list, and put them according to priority manner. For instance, List all the important items in one list to purchase them first.
  • Select the market from where you like to purchase listed items. Try to make purchase from economical market and avoid sophisticated market to save money.
  • Try to purchase same category items from one market instead of purchasing them from market to market. This practice will save your time and money.
  • Before final purchasing of essential items, carry out window shopping because it will give a general idea about the shopping expense.
  • Locate cheap and economical markets, for example if there are two separate places that are selling the same item of same quality on different price, then go for the one that is selling the same item on lower price than the other one.
  • Don’t make compromises on quality of wedding items, because wedding items are the gift that you are going to present your beloved daughter or son.
  • Pay extra attention towards “ordered items”, such as wedding attire. Make sure that you have ordered your wedding clothes at least 2 months of your wedding day.
  • Check the quality always while making purchase for wedding items. That’s important because wedding shopping is done under burden and a number of different items are being purchased at the same time that makes the checking of all items at difficult.
  • While shopping for wedding items, keep listed all the purchased items on one list with their cost and quantity.
  • After completing your wedding shopping tally the purchase item’s list with the items that you’ve purchased.
  • Make sure that all the listed items  are with you.
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